Whistler Home Elevators

Whistler is home to some of the world’s most stunning mountains. Some like to brave the heights through skiing, biking, or hiking, but others struggle to tackle the incline and prefer to admire from the bottom. Although some residents of Whistler do not climb mountains, they should at least be able to reach the second story of their own home. At Home Elevators of BC, we can help make this happen.

Our years of experience have helped us gain the trust of Whistler residents who may need an elevating device installed in their home. We offer a selection of residential elevators from stair lifts that are installed directly onto an existing staircase, to vertical platform lifts that are versatile and can be installed elsewhere. An elevator in your Whistler home can increase comfort and safety in your daily life. Don’t worry about falling up or down stairs ever again, and enjoy your home in its entirety.

Our experts will find the perfect device for your space, and if adjustments are needed to our products they can easily be made. After recommending the best fitting device for your home, our team will install your new device and perform any future servicing that it may need.

Not only do we offer large elevating devices, our products also include a variety of dumbwaiters, which can be useful for moving food or other small items between floors. Dumbwaiters are a great addition to any home and can be helpful to people with a variety of needs.

The residents of Whistler fell in love with its beautiful scenery and lifestyle, and many have chosen to stay for a lifetime. If you are having troubles navigating your Whistler home, you don’t have to give up your space. A home elevator is the perfect option for you to become mobile in your home, and enjoy your Whistler residence for years to come.

Do you like the sounds of enjoying your home in its entirety safely and comfortably? If you are considering an elevating device for your Whistler home, contact us today at Home Elevators of BC to get started.