Traditional Or Contemporary Elevator?

Home elevators can make a great addition to many homes in Vancouver, whether you or someone else in your household needs help getting around or you’d just like to benefit from the convenience that an elevator can provide. You can use your elevator to transport laundry, groceries, and other awkward items up and down the floors of your home, and it will also add value to your property should you ever want to sell. You have a few options when it comes to choosing the right home elevator for your needs, with the major decision being based on whether you would most benefit from a traditional or contemporary elevator. Here are our descriptions of each type of elevator and how they can benefit you and others in your home.

Traditional elevators

When we talk about traditional elevators, we’re referring to hydraulic and cable-driven elevators. These elevators are typically able to carry heavier loads and will take up more space in your home. So, if you require an elevator for carrying someone who uses a wheelchair to separate floors of your home, this may be the best option for you. However, it can be inconvenient if you have limited space, though a traditional elevator often can be hidden behind a door so it will blend in with the decor of your home.

Contemporary elevators

These elevators are known as pneumatic or vacuum elevators and they function through changes in air pressure. Due to typically smaller size and a lessened ability to carry heavy weights, contemporary elevators are most beneficial for those who intend to use it for smaller loads such as for laundry or for a person who does not use a wheelchair. Some elevators of this type are able to carry wheelchairs, while others are too small or not strong enough for the weight. The design of contemporary elevators allows them to be clearly visible to anyone who enters the home, which can be used to your benefit if it matches with the look you’re going for.

When you’re looking for Vancouver home elevators, you can count on us at Home Elevators of BC to provide you with several options and plenty of knowledge to share, so you can pick the elevator that will work best for you.