Residential & Home Elevators Kelowna BC

We offer a wide range of home elevators in Kelowna BC that are intended to make getting around your house easier on an everyday basis.

Amongst the range we offer are dumb waiters, which can be used to send food from the kitchen to another room in the house, and stair lifts, which can help those who experience difficult climbing stairs to get where they need to go with the minimum of fuss.

Furthermore, we also offer vertical platform lifts that can take you between floors in a jiffy. All of our home elevators are cost-effective and can be adjusted to suit your individual needs.

We offer our services in a wide range of cities, including Kelowna, which is located near the Okanagan Lake in British Columbia in Canada. Named for the native Okanagan word for “grizzly bear”, the city is amongst the largest in the province and homes many different types of people, many of whom could make great use out of a home elevator.

The city itself maintains an extremely active community, with many different events and areas of interest to explore. It is perhaps best known for the gorgeous Okanagan Lake, which is an absolutely stunning sight in the winter months when it becomes partially frozen over.

The city is also a fairly popular filming location and a number of minor films have been shot there. These include the likes of Fido and Mee Shee: The Water Giant, though the city does not have anywhere near the reputation for hosting film crews as some others in Canada.

All of this combines to create an area of stunning natural beauty that is complemented by the people who call it home. We offer our home elevators to all in the city of Kelowna and we are sure that our services will be of great help to many different people.

For sales, installs and servicing in Kelowna, please contact our Lower Mainland location.