Kamloops BC Home Elevators

Home Elevators of BC can be of assistance for people with various mobility issues and seniors with different products for different purposes. Kamloops in BC’s south central interior offers diverse activities from skiing at nearby Sun Peaks resort to viewing the cougars and bears that inhabit BC Wildlife Park east of the city. Our company can recommend solutions to allow you to live independently in your present home or ideas to make your home more accessible.

Residential Elevators

Elevators easily move people and their belongings up and down many levels both in commercial and residential buildings. In the home a compact elevator can be incorporated into the design of the home providing a convenient means of transporting heavier items between different levels often seen in today’s homes. These options can be more affordable to install than the homeowner may imagine and make life much easier.


Dumbwaiters have been in use for decades, useful in restaurants or residential settings to move food, dishes or heavier items between levels. We sell and provide service plans for dumbwaiters a device that can make life easier and provides a convenient way to move items between different levels of the home.


Maybe it’s allowing those with physical limitations to remain in their familiar surroundings that needs a solution, being independent longer. A stairlift can be installed to easily bring you from one floor to another without using the staircase. Also available is a vertical platform lift to move you directly from one level to another.

You may be in the planning stages of a new build or renovating to improve your home’s accessibility, we are here to help make your ideas a reality. Contact Home Elevators of  BC below to learn more about how to make your home more accessible.