Comox BC Home Elevators

Home Elevators of BC is a reputable company located on Vancouver Island, specializing in installing and servicing your Comox home elevator needs. From making life easier for seniors and those facing physical challenges to managing daily living in large, multi level home,  you may want to consider installing one in your home.
Independent Living

Moving from a much loved, familiar home to a seniors residence, or care home is not something anyone likes to think about. Wouldn’t it be nicer to keep living independently as long as possible whether dealing with physical limitations of illness or aging. A home elevator can make moving about the home between floors, or bringing in shopping a breeze. Utilizing a stair lift, small elevator or dumbwaiter is a practical solution to remain living in the comfort of your own home.

Multi Level Living

Homes in the past were sprawling structures, then for a while became more modest in size, today many homes are larger and often cover many levels. For these homeowners a home elevator or dumbwaiter can be incorporated in the design of a new or existing residence blending in with the decor making them almost invisible. The saying goes that everything old is new again, dumbwaiters and small home elevators often could be found in older homes as a means of moving heavier items between floors.

Often used in restaurants and homes to move dishes, meals and heavier items between floors, dumbwaiters or an elevator installed in your home offers convenience. Whether you are seeking solutions to remain in your present home longer or simply more convenience, contact Home Elevators of BC below for more information.