Delta Residential Elevators

A home elevator can make getting around your Delta home easier. We offer a variety of elevators as well as installations and servicing to residents from all over the Lower Mainland, and we can make adjustments according to your needs and the needs of your home.

One type of home elevator we carry is the vertical platform lift. This can be used to take you up and down the floors of your home with ease. Your home should be a place for relaxation and comfort, and being able to get around without having to worry about stairs will have a positive impact on your everyday wellbeing.

The stair lift is another type of elevator that is useful for those who would like assistance with reaching separate floors of their home. This one uses your stairs to transport you up and down. Having options for different types of home elevators in Vancouver means that you can choose one that works best with the layout of your home.

Another available product is the dumbwaiter, which transports food from one room to another, such as to and from the kitchen. With the use of this, dinner can become a time for solely enjoying your food and company.

Delta is a beautiful municipality on the coast of BC that has a variety of leisure activities and pleasant waterfront areas. From the suburban North Delta, to the farming and fishing areas of Ladner, to the sunny coastal community of Tsawwassen, you may have lived here for many years or chosen to move here to experience a change of pace from city life. You can help yourself to continue living at your current home for a longer time by getting a cost-effective home elevator installed. We would be pleased to get you started. Contact us at our lower mainland location at (604) 841-5438.