Residential & Home Elevators Kelowna BC

​A home elevator can have many benefits for different types of people, even in a small city the size of Courtney BC. You may be considering purchasing a home elevator because you have difficulty getting around your home, or perhaps you believe a home elevator will make your home more accessible to loved ones who live with you or who could come visit you. On top of those reasons, below are a couple more ways that a home elevator can benefit you.

Increased Safety for Everyone

If your family is always in a rush up and down the stairs or they frequently have to carry big loads like baskets full of laundry, your staircase is potentially a very dangerous part of the house. By installing a Courtney BC home elevator, you can give yourself and the others in your household a break. The stairs will still be there for when you have the time to navigate them safely, and the elevator won’t have to take up more than a closet-sized space. Home elevators have many safety features included in them, which we can explain in detail once you determine the type of elevator that will work in your home.

Increased Home Value

If you are considering selling your Courtney BC home in the future, a home elevator can be a good investment. Home elevators are very desirable for the many people who want or need their home to be accessible, and the value of your property could increase by as much as 10%.

We provide Courtney BC home elevators to people who have diverse needs in terms of their own mobility and the layout of their homes. Installing an elevator is a great way to increase your home’s accessibility and desirability, now and in the future. We welcome you to contact Home Elevators of BC at our Vancouver Island location to discuss your needs with us.