Difference between Home Elevators & Commercial Elevators

A home elevator can serve different purposes than a commercial elevator does, and this means that the elevators are also designed differently. So, just what are the specific differences between home elevators and commercial elevators?

Many commercial elevators are put in place out of necessity, to get work completed efficiently. For example, elevators are needed in restaurants to transport meals between separate floors. Office buildings also require elevators for transporting important documents, and hotels need them for bringing laundry and other items up and down for guests. In many ways, commercial elevators are used in order for a business to keep up with demand–efficiency is key. Read More “Difference between Home Elevators & Commercial Elevators”

Traditional Or Contemporary Elevator?

Home elevators can make a great addition to many homes in Vancouver, whether you or someone else in your household needs help getting around or you’d just like to benefit from the convenience that an elevator can provide. You can use your elevator to transport laundry, groceries, and other awkward items up and down the floors of your home, and it will also add value to your property should you ever want to sell. You have a few options when it comes to choosing the right home elevator for your needs, with the major decision being based on whether you would most benefit from a traditional or contemporary elevator. Here are our descriptions of each type of elevator and how they can benefit you and others in your home.
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