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Home Car Elevators​

Designed for private residences and small commercial applications the Residential Car Elevators move vehicles from street level to subterranean parking spaces. Urban living can mean parking space is at a premium, even those living in a suburban setting may require more parking space. The Home Car Elevator is a safe, cost effective way to transport vehicles from one level to another providing additional parking. Although not designed for commercial use it is a viable option in boutique hotels, multi family dwellings or as a feature in condos where available parking space is limited. The lift is an unmanned system meant to move vehicles only and not vehicles with passengers on board.

Design Features

Some small commercial applications might be for valuable vehicles that need to be transported to an underground parkade for secure storage or to be displayed. The lifts are designed to the clients specifications including length of platform, width of platform and vertical rise requirements. Utilizing a 2 platform system the second platform serves to fill in the opening at grade level while the vehicle is lowered to a subterranean level. The second platform provides a permanent parking space and assures safety and security by covering the opening left when the vehicle sits on the first platform. A Home car elevator is intended for indoor installation with high capacity hydraulic cylinders capable of moving vehicles up to 7500 lbs while the upper platform can support one weighing 6000 lbs if needed for day use. All steel construction, platforms free of trip hazards and key operated controls assure safety and security during operation.

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